With the use of Private Galleries within PhotoDay comes a series helpful export options that can be used to make anything from ID badges, to yearbooks. These options are, of course, Service Items Files and PSPA Formatted files. These file exports include not only the associated image data, which can include items such as name, grade, and school, but they also include an image that you have uploaded to be used with printing these items.

However, you may have matched multiple photos with an individual in your people data. How does PhotoDay determine which photo to include in your Service Item or PSPA files? This is where featured photos come in.

By default, PhotoDay will select the last image captured, determined by image metadata, as the photo that will be included with export items. However, you can select a single matched photo per person to be that person’s featured photo.

To manually set a featured photo, simply select a person from your people data on the left side of your gallery. This will display only that person’s matched photos. Then, select the gold star icon on the thumbnail of the photo you wish to feature.

That image is now your featured photo for that person! If you have multiple people with featured photos, you can view all of them together by selecting the "Featured" option on the left side of your gallery.

From there, you can export all of your featured photos, along with their associated data, as a Service Item or PSPA file.

For more information about data exports, visit this article here!

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