Subject data is an integral part of the private gallery workflow—it’s what ties the gallery and the PhotoDay Capture mobile app together into a singular experience.

That said, there are a few things to keep in mind when uploading subject data to your new private gallery:

  • Each column should have a clear header at the top. This will make mapping your subject data upon import easy and efficient. 

  • Do not include blank header rows or columns. Be sure the rows and columns have data in the cells.

  • CSV data should not include the following characters, which could introduce errors upon importing: / \ " ' ; : 

  • There are two column headers that are required: First Name and Last Name.

  • Additional headers that are available to be mapped are Teacher, Student ID, Grade, Period, School, Email, Mobile Phone, League, Organization, Instructor, Event, and Coach, along with three “Other” columns for additional information you might need for reference.

We've created sample CSV files for you to use as a starting point or guide. Download them by clicking the buttons below.

For more information on importing subject data, check out this helpful article on organizing and uploading your subject data!

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