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How do I add multiple photographers to PhotoDay Capture?
How do I add multiple photographers to PhotoDay Capture?

Adding multiple users to PhotoDay Capture

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As a PhotoDay user, you automatically have access to the PhotoDay Capture app. However, if you want other photographers on your staff to take reference photos, you can do that too! Simply invite them to use PhotoDay Capture by going to the Settings tab in the upper right hand corner of your Studio Panel, clicking on My Studio and selecting Users on the lefthand side of the page.

To avoid any issues, we advise you not to share logins for the PhotoDay Capture app. If you’d like someone else to use the app – or even if you want to use it on another device – be sure to invite another user with a different email.

After clicking "invite", you will have the options to remove the user or update their permissions. By clicking "Permissions", you will see many options that you can toggle on or off.

Anyone you invite via email will receive an invitation in their inbox to download and log into the PhotoDay Capture app.

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