With the introduction of PhotoDay 2.0 and its multiple gallery types, there have been some questions regarding galleries created under PhotoDay 1.0, and how they will be displayed in the 2.0 environment.

PhotoDay 2.0 introduces three gallery types, which are briefly outlined as:

• Private - There exists an access code for each individual photographed. Customers can only see the photos of that one individual.

• Group - There exists one access code for the entire gallery. Customers can see every photo in the gallery.

• Public - There is no access code for this gallery. Customers only need the direct URL to the gallery to view photos.

Galleries created under PhotoDay 1.0 now exist as public galleries. Existing customers will still have the exact same experience as they did before. If they have the gallery URL or previous access code, they’ll still be able to access their photos as they did before. 

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