PhotoDay offers customizable search options that help guide your customers to their photos. Of those, tags are a versatile way to introduce some organization to the potential chaos of a large photo gallery. While we do offer our FaceFind facial recognition technology to assist customers in quickly locating the photos for which they’re searching, we realize some may opt to browse the entire gallery, or narrow their searches by using tags.

Whether you wish to organize your photos by team name, jersey number, or day of shoot, you can add structure to your photo collection by using tags to allow your customers to quickly filter their searches and get them on their way to purchasing photos.

Studios can add tags from within their gallery by selecting photos and using the Tag Management tool.

However, for most effective tagging practices, we recommend organizing your photos into their final tagging structure before you upload a single photo to PhotoDay. You can do this two ways:

  1. You can place your photos into segmented folders in a manner you feel best organizes your shoot. You can even create subfolders within folders, making your sorting as granular as you like! The folder names will automatically become your tags when you upload the photo files to PhotoDay.
  2. If you're working in Lightroom, you can assign keywords to photos and those keywords will automatically become your tags when you upload the photos to PhotoDay.

We encourage all studios to take advantage of this feature to both assist their customers to quickly locate their photos, and for internal organization as well. When a customer opts to search for photos via tag from the search options menu upon first entry to their gallery, they will be able to select a tag from the tag selection screen.

This will then include photos that contain that tag tag, allowing for quick and simple browsing for the customer.

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