A job's gallery status translates directly into the customer's experience with that gallery. You can change a job's Gallery Status in the Gallery Settings section of the Studio Panel.

Here is a brief rundown of each of the three status modes:


This is the initial default status for job's gallery. This means the gallery is entirely inaccessible to anyone but yourself. Customers who opt-in to the gallery while it is in draft will receive text notifications regarding its status. You can choose to remain in draft status until either you are ready to switch the status to AdvancePay (before picture day) - or Published (after picture day) - at which time your opted in customers will be alerted.


You can change a job's gallery status to AdvancePay before picture day - as soon as you have created and attached an AdvancePay credit sheet and price sheet. Use this status as a way to promote a job before picture day and secure early, advanced sales. Customers who opt into a gallery while it is in AdvancePay mode will be texted a link to the storefront where they can purchase a credit before picture day that they can apply to their order after the photos are published. Once you’ve uploaded the photos and you're ready for the world to see them, go ahead and switch the status from AdvancePay to Published!


This status means the photo gallery is officially live to the public. Once you switch the gallery status to Published, customers who have already opted in will receive a notification letting them know their photos are now ready to view and purchase. If you change your gallery to another status after this and then re-publish, neither your current nor future opt-ins will receive an SMS notification that the gallery has been published, so be sure when you’re ready to publish your gallery that you are truly ready for it to go live for your customers.

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