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How do I change a job's gallery status?
How do I change a job's gallery status?

Everything you need to know about updating your gallery’s status

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A job's gallery status translates directly into the customer's experience with that gallery. In this article, we’ll show you how to change your job’s status. Check out What are Gallery Statuses? for a more in-depth description of each one.

Draft, AdvancePay, Publish Now, Publish Later

You can change a job's gallery status by opening the job in your Studio Panel. When first creating a job, the gallery status will automatically be set to Draft. When you’re ready to set it to AdvancePay, Publish Now, or Publish Later, just select the button in the top right corner and choose from the drop-down menu:


If you’ve set an expiration date for your gallery in Job > Settings > Gallery Access, it will automatically get unpublished and revert back to Draft mode:

After a gallery has expired, if you want to publish it again, you can select Publish Now from the original drop-down menu (don’t worry, this won’t restart the automatic SMS series).


Archiving a job will remove it from your current list of jobs. It will not be deleted from your account and can be restored at any time from the Archived section of your Studio Panel. You can archive a job 2 ways:

  1. Go to the Jobs page > Click this icon:

  2. Go to the specific Job > Settings > Job Details > Archive > Save:

To restore an archived job, go to Jobs > Archived > Click this icon:

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