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What are Featured and Popular products?
What are Featured and Popular products?
Featured and popular products help drive sales.
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The power of suggestion is STRONG in the online shopping world.  Whether you’re looking to sell more 5x7s, want to show off your new discounted price on Memory Mates, or let your customers see what’s popular with other customers, these two new sections in the storefront will help you boost sales:

1. Featured Products

Featured Products let you select products from your price sheets to highlight for your customers on the storefront. This can be because either you feel you want to sell more of a particular item, or to feature a specialty item that you would like to offer your customers.

You can make an item a Featured Product within each price sheet by simply selecting the star icon next to the item you wish to feature. You can select up to five items at a time from your price sheet as Featured Products. The products you select will immediately display in the storefront for jobs using that price sheet, under the Featured Products section.

2. Popular Products

Popular Products are, in descending order, a listing of the five most popular lab items that are currently in your price sheet. This lets your customers see what other products are being purchased most, and could help influence their decision to purchase products they might have not initially considered!

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