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What themed graphics does PhotoDay offer?
What themed graphics does PhotoDay offer?

Each PhotoDay lab partner offers different themes for customizable products.

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Each lab provides different themed collections that may be applied to specific customizable products.

While you’re required to select a lab when you sign up for PhotoDay, you can add as many of our lab partners to your account as you’d like at any point. When you add a lab to your account, that lab's themes are automatically added, as well!

First, some quick definitions:

Collections: Collections are a grouping of graphics with the same general design. PhotoDay will display to the customer all collections that are available for the product selected. Not all collections are available for all products. Within each collection, there are themes.

Themes: Themes are selected by the studio during job set-up. Themes can be based on a type of activity (football, cheer, dance, etc.) or color, depending on the lab. For each job, you'll have the option to choose theme variations in the Store Settings for that job. 

View Themes

Due to the number of collections and themes offered by our labs, click here to view themes available in PhotoDay.


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