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How can I use job insights to help grow my business?
How can I use job insights to help grow my business?

Real-time intelligence about each job that you can use to run your business smarter.

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Wouldn't you love to know which customers texted in an access code, which ones have purchased... and which ones haven't? Within each job, you'll find an Insights tab that you can use to get up-to-the-minute customer and sales info for that job. 

Once you click on the Insights tab, you'll be taken to the Sales panel, where you can view your overall sales analytics for your gallery, as well as individual purchase information.

Toggle on over to the Customers panel, where you can view who has opted in to view the gallery, who has viewed the gallery, and who has made a purchase or not.

The more you know about your customers and sales, the smarter you can be about your business. 

Here's a few examples of ways that you can apply insights to your business:

  1. Not enough customers opted in? You need to get the message out again. With this information, you could decide to resend the flyer, hang posters, post a "picture day" message in the organization's Facebook user group, or call your organization contact.

  2. Order values lower than you'd like? Create an offer that drives people to add one more item to their order or choose that higher package.

  3. Buy rate not quite where you'd like it to be? Send reminders to the organization to remind parents to hurry up and order before their gallery expires. See the text reminders that PhotoDay already sends to customers!

There's a lot of power in Insights! We can't wait to see what you do with this new "smart" tool.

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