Welcome to part two of photo management  - the part where I show you how to share a gallery with parents so they can start ordering photos! 

You can start marketing to parents weeks before the shoot to maximize sales. Begin by creating a flyer that can either be directly emailed to those customers, or to the school or organization hosting the event. This flyer will contain instructions on how to view your gallery, either by website link, or by texting the access code you previously set up to our PhotoDay shortcode.

Creating this flyer is, you guessed it, really easy. In your gallery, click on the “share gallery” icon. To make your first one, click on the “create new flyer and share” button. 

From here, you can upload a photo to use as your cool, custom flyer header image. Then, go ahead and add a title that accurately describes this photo shoot. 

You can also add an extra message at the bottom if you'd like. 

Now the really cool part! Remember those offers you created? You can add an offer to the flyer which will give your customers even more incentive to purchase! 

After all that’s done, you can download the flyer as a PDF for your own use and distribution, or compose an email to which you can attach this flyer. Your choice!

And that’s photo management!  We hope this series has been an informative beginning to your PhotoDay experience. If you run into any trouble along the way, we're here to help. Always feel free to reach out to us via our messenger, email, or phone! We look forward to helping you.

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