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What are the system requirements needed to use PhotoDay?
What are the system requirements needed to use PhotoDay?

PhotoDay Operating System Compatibility

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PhotoDay aims to run smoothly on whatever browser or operating system you might be using. However, for best user experience, there are some general recommendations we do have.

We offer full support for the following browsers:

Microsoft Edge: Version 12 and above
Mozilla Firefox: Version 50 and above
Google Chrome: Version 60 and above
Safari: Version 11 and above

We also have limited support for Internet Explorer 11, however, we cannot guarantee the best user experience on that platform - as such, we recommend upgrading to Microsoft Edge, which we do fully support.

If you are using PhotoDay on the web using a browser on a mobile device, we have primary support for Google Chrome and Safari, typically supporting the current version and the version immediately prior to current. Mobile browsers typically update automatically, however, if you are running into problems using PhotoDay on your mobile browser, we recommend checking your dedicated app store to see if you need to install an update.

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