We’ve worked hard to make creating and promoting your gallery with AdvancePay as simple as possible for you! Follow the steps below for an outline of how to incentivize your customers to purchase AdvancePay credit:

  1. Set up your AdvancePay credits in the Store section of the Studio Panel.

2. Create an offer in the Studio Panel that you would like to use with AdvancePay as an incentive for customers.

3. Go into the specific job with which you’d like to use AdvancePay, and select the AdvancePay credit sheet you’d like to use in the Store Settings of your gallery. Right below that, you can then attach the offer you created in Step 2 as an AdvancePay offer. This will then allow that offer to be promoted via SMS only to those to have purchased an AdvancePay credit.

4. In the Gallery Settings panel, set the gallery status to AdvancePay. This will allow customers to purchase AdvancePay credits before picture day.

5. Create a flyer that announces your picture day and promotes your offer with the purchase of AdvancePay credits.

6. Send the flyer to your contact at the school or organization and make sure they send it to parents right away!

7. Create print marketing materials for before and during picture day to encourage the purchase of credits.

8. After picture day, upload your photos and change the gallery status to “Published”.

9. PhotoDay will then send an automatic text message to customers who purchased AdvancePay credits, letting them know they can now use them to purchase photos they choose from the gallery.

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