If you are having issues uploading files, we recommend first checking your upload speed. You can do this by running a simple speed test at http://www.speedtest.net/. 

You should also be aware that while the PhotoDay dashboard is compatible with all browser types, there might be some issues present if you are using an older version of Internet Explorer (Version 10 or below). If you are trying to upload photos using one of these older versions, we recommend upgrading to the newest version of Internet Explorer (Version 11) and trying again.

Other issues that could be getting in the way of your photo uploads:

  • Make sure the photos you are uploading are in JPEG/JPG file format - with each photo being no greater than 15MB.

  • Make sure that the files you are trying to upload do not have the same names as files that already exist in the gallery. If PhotoDay detects any duplicate files during upload, the system will ask you to skip or replace the duplicate.

  • Make sure your file names don't exceed 31-characters. While we'll still accept the file, this could cause some issues when the lab goes to fulfill the order.

  • If you attempt to upload a file with special characters like“< > : ” \ / ? | * ~“ we will strip them out and still accept the file.

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