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Am I able to view detailed sales reports for my orders?
Am I able to view detailed sales reports for my orders?

Reports and how to view them

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PhotoDay offers detailed monthly reporting of your Sales, Orders, and Products via the Reports tab on your Dashboard.

There, you can view a breakdown of your sales, orders, and products. Sales are automatically broken into monthly reports, which can be further filtered by job. By default, all jobs are included in the initial sales report.

Your monthly sales are divided up into several columns, which include detailed breakdowns of lab costs, shipping, taxes, fees, and net profit accrued for that month.

By clicking on a month, you will automatically be taken to the Orders section of Reports:

This will then provide you a full list of orders for that month, divided into columns that report on various items such as customer and job name, the status of that order, discounts used, taxes, shipping, and gross amount.

You can also filter and view your Products report. This will break down each Package and A La Carte product, the Price Sheet it's from, the Quantity, and the Retail Sold.

Important note: If you update a price sheet to change the pricing of any packages or products, this report will not reflect clearly in the summary. For example, if your Digital Download was originally $25, then you raised it to $35, the "Quantity" and "Retail Sold" will be calculating from the all-time history of your pricing.

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At any point, whether in your Sales, Orders, or Products tab, you can export and download the current report as a CSV file by clicking on the Export button at the top right of your screen.

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Ready to dive into your Reports? Check out our Detailed Report Key.

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